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3D printed Squonk MechMods

by Robert Reid 09 Aug 2023 0 Comments
3D printed Squonk MechMods

New Zealand made Squonk Mech Mods

Published 6 years ago 

A long way has been gone since 3D printing began. What was once a method used to make small items of no consequence that served no purpose has lately become a technology that is used to create an array of products, each of which is more powerful than the next. 3D printing is changing the way that people do just about everything, and this has extended to the world of vaping. One of the newest innovations in the field of 3D printing is the 3D printed Squonk Mechanical Box Mod. With its 3D printing technology, this Squonk Mechanical Box Mod is a first-of-its-kind 3D mod that can do anything your favourite box mod can do at an affordable price.

3D Printed Squonk Mechanical Box Mod

In addition to being a mechanical box mod, the 3D Printed Squonk Squonk Mechanical Box Mod is also referred to as an unregulated box mod. It was created by Yiloong Vape in China as the first ever 3D mod. Featuring a copper 510 connector, this 3D Printed Squonk Mechanical Box Mod is compatible with all RBA tanks and drippers. An ultra high performing box mod that is ready to become your favorite box mod, this 3D Printed Squonk Mechanical Box Mod is constructed of a durable, yet surprising mix of plastic materials, such as ABS, PLA, carbon fiber, polycarbonate, nylon, and more.

Because of its unique composition, the 3D Printed Squonk Mechanical Box Mod is a bit more expensive than other mechanical box mods. It also has a hollow panel design that sets it apart from the competition. A firing switch, letter logos, and more can be found on the side of the 3D Printed Squonk Mechanical Box Mod. This 3D Printed Squonk Mechanical Box Mod measures just 80 millimetres by 45 millimetres by 25 millimetres in size, making it an extremely slim and easy-to-hold device. This mod can be palmed easily, giving you complete stealth vaping whenever you wish.

Inside 3D printed Squonk

In the 3D Printed Squonk Mechanical Box Mod, one 20700 battery can be used to power the device. You can easily replace the battery in the 3D Printed Squonk Mechanical Box Mod and also the tank that holds the juice easily. The panels of the 3D Printed Squonk Mechanical Box Mod come in a variety of different colours such as green, pink and red, so that you can find the one that best suits your personality.

The panels offer a high-end, sophisticated look, one that you might think makes the 3D Printed Squonk Mechanical Box Mod cost an insane amount of money but doesn't. 3D Printed Squonk Mechanical Box Mod offers luxury and affordability at an affordable

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