Introducing little beast e liquid


Introducing Little Beast E-Liquid: New Zealand’s Favourite New Vape Juice Brand

Vaping in New Zealand is here to stay. After a lengthy wait, our government has finally instituted full regulations for our industry and given vapers and business owners across New Zealand the confidence that the option to quit smoking and switch to vaping is not going away.

With full government regulation out of the way, the New Zealand vaping industry has one additional problem that needs to be addressed. It’s the fact that, after all these years, we still get the majority of our e-liquids from the United States and the United Kingdom. Why do we still import so much of our vape juice when the vaping community of New Zealand is crying out for an e-liquid brand to call its own? We think it’s because no one was willing – or able – to do the massive amount of work necessary to put together a truly professional vape juice brand.

Well, it’s time for that to change.

We’d like to introduce Little Beast. We are New Zealand’s vape juice brand, and we look forward to becoming your new favourite e-liquid.

Decades of Combined Industry Experience

One of the most important parts of creating an e-liquid brand that’s going to be successful over the long haul is that you can’t simply jump out of the gate expecting to create an e-liquid company that’s going to be major hit if you don’t have prior industry experience. If you haven’t been in the industry, you don’t know what vapers want or how to deliver it. Our founder Robert Reid is the owner of EasyPuff New Zealand. He was one of the first prominent members of the New Zealand vaping community. To build Little Beast, Robert assembled a team with multiple decades of combined industry experience. We understand the New Zealand vaping community like no one else.

Commitment to Perfection in Flavour Development

If you want to create a top-tier vape juice brand, you’ve got to have the best flavours. On this point, we have an advantage that no other e-liquid company can match because we know what New Zealand’s vaping community wants – we have the data to back it up.

Knowing the flavours that people want, though – and actually having the ability to create those flavours – are two different things. You’ve got to be willing to put in an enormous amount of research and development work if you want to create an e-liquid that truly matches your vision.

  • There are several high-end flavour houses around the world. There may be dozens of different interpretations, for example, of a popular flavour like lemon. If you want to create the best lemon e-liquid, you’d better try every lemon flavour you can find. We’ve put forth the effort to sample absolutely everything, because that’s what’s necessary if you want to create a vape juice that exactly matches your vision.
  • Creating the perfect e-liquid isn’t only a matter of sampling products from the world’s many flavour houses; it’s also a matter of seeing how those flavours interact with one another by testing them in every conceivable blend and ratio.

All told, it can take months of non-stop work to create a new e-liquid flavour if you want the end result to be absolutely perfect – and we won’t release anything unless we think it’s perfect. One flavour at a time; that’s the way to create the ultimate vape juice brand.

The Best of Everything: No Detail Is Too Small

Here at Little Beast, we have some lofty goals and want to be nothing less than New Zealand’s favourite e-liquid brand. If you want to accomplish that goal, you’ve got to do everything right. We’ve scoured the world to find the best products from the world’s best flavour houses, and we’ve worked overtime to find the ideal combinations of those flavours to tantalize your taste buds.

Creating the best flavours on the market, though, is only part of the job if you want to build the top vape juice brand in New Zealand. To that end, we have also forged a partnership with New Zealand’s best e-liquid laboratory. NZVAPOR has built New Zealand’s only true clean room lab and has constructed an environment that would rival a surgical facility. With the industry’s highest manufacturing standards and unparalleled consistency from bottle to bottle, we couldn’t possibly have found a better partner than NZVAPOR.

Finally, if you want to create the best vape juice in New Zealand, you’ve got to put the finishing touches on the product with top-flight packaging and branding. You’ll have no trouble identifying Little Beast at your favourite vape shop because our packaging and brand imagery are truly second to none.

Wide-Scale Distribution Throughout New Zealand

When you start an e-liquid brand after accruing the level of experience that we have, you’ve got a huge advantage because you already know how to harness the best product distribution chains. We’ve partnered with vape shops across New Zealand, and even now, we’re already in the process of rolling out to a finer vape shop near you. We don’t sell directly to the public, but you can find Little Beast e-liquid at your local vape shops using our Store Locator.

Our goal is to accomplish nothing less than becoming New Zealand’s favourite e-liquid brand – and if you want to do something as lofty as that, you’ve got to put your product in front of as many eyes as you can. From the first day of our launch, our products will already be available in many of New Zealand’s top vape shops. If you can’t find us in your neighbourhood yet, keep watching, because we’ll be there soon.

Since the beginning, e-liquid makers in other nations have been the primary brands that have influenced the tastes and product preferences of New Zealand’s vaping community. Very soon, it’ll be time to give the rest of the world a little taste of kiwi ingenuity. We are firmly fixed on international expansion as soon as it’s feasible to do so, and we expect Little Beast e-liquid to be available in Europe within the next year.

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