Throat Hit vs. Flavour: Creating Your Ideal Vaping Experience


If you read about vaping or look at e-cigarette reviews online, you might get the idea that flat-out vapour production – blowing the biggest clouds possible – is the top priority of most people who vape. While it’s certainly the priority of some, we can’t help but feel that some of the people who write about vaping or create videos for YouTube are a bit out of touch with mainstream vapers. If you agree with that statement, this article is for you. If you’re dreaming of a vaping setup that delivers something other than just huge vapour clouds – a strong throat hit or a rich, pure flavour – we’re about to discuss the secrets of unlocking the vaping experience of your dreams.

What Influences Throat Hit in Vaping?

Among those who are new to vaping, throat hit – the sensation that you feel in your throat when you inhale nicotine – is often the most important aspect of the vaping experience. If you can get your e-cigarette to give you the same feeling in the throat that you get from your first cigarette after several hours on a plane, we guarantee that you’ll never think about smoking again.

These are the three factors that most influence throat hit in vaping.

E-Liquid Nicotine Strength

Throat hit is a mild irritation caused by nicotine. An e-liquid with a higher nicotine strength will produce a stronger throat hit, which means that a vaping setup that generates enormous vapour clouds isn’t actually best if throat hit is what you’re after. With a powerful sub-ohm vaping setup, a high-nicotine e-liquid isn’t enjoyable – it’s harsh and overwhelming.

Try This: To enjoy a nice, assertive throat hit when vaping, try a higher-nicotine e-liquid with a smaller vaping device such as the EKISS vape pen.

Inhalation Style

If you want vaping to feel like smoking, you need to inhale as if you were smoking – from the mouth to the lungs. As we mentioned above, throat hit is a form of mild irritation. Inhaled directly to the lungs, an e-liquid with enough nicotine to create a strong throat hit won’t be pleasurable to use – it’ll just make you cough.

Try This: Smaller vaping devices such as the vape pen mentioned above are best for mouth-to-lung inhaling. You need a device and tank that provide a bit of air resistance like a tobacco cigarette would. If you aren’t ready to buy a new vaping device, try experimenting with the tank you already have by using a narrow drip tip and closing the airflow slightly. When you close your tank’s airflow, you may also need to lower the wattage on your vaping device to compensate for the increased heat.

PG/VG Blend

An e-liquid with a higher percentage of propylene glycol will produce a stronger throat hit. Vegetable glycerine has a silky mouth feel that tends to soften the edges and reduce throat hit.

Try This: If you prefer an assertive throat hit when vaping, try an e-liquid with at least 50 percent PG.

What Influences Flavour Quality in Vaping?

The perfect flavour is one of the most difficult aspects of vaping to pin down because taste is subjective. No two people want exactly the same flavour from the vaping experience – in fact, two people often detect completely different flavour notes in the same e-liquid. We can, however, draw a few general conclusions about the factors that most influence flavour in vaping.

The E-Liquid

The most important part of creating the ideal flavour experience in vaping is finding the best e-liquid for your taste. There are many hundreds of different e-liquid flavours available around the world, and it pays to experiment as much as possible because every e-liquid maker has a slightly different idea of how best to create a flavour profile. We guarantee that your ideal e-liquid is out there.

Try This: If you haven’t found your ideal e-liquid, try experimenting with some flavour profiles that you wouldn’t normally choose. The fact that you love eating melons, for example, doesn’t necessarily mean that you enjoy vaping them. Try an apple or strawberry e-liquid instead.

Air in the Vapour Stream

Allowing too much air into the vapour stream is the top failing of most modern vaping equipment. Air keeps your coils cool and promotes the formation of big vapour clouds, but it dilutes the flavour of your e-liquid. If you want to taste the richest flavour possible when vaping, you need to allow as little air as possible into the vapour stream. Simultaneously, you need a vaping setup that generates the most vapour possible without overheating the coil.

Try This: You can adjust the amount of air that you inhale with your current vaping setup by closing your tank’s airflow slightly and lowering your device’s wattage. Although doing those things will lower your device’s vapour production slightly, you’ll find that it also results in a more focused flavour. The next time you shop for a new e-cigarette tank, try a tank that uses mesh coils. A mesh coil has plenty of surface area, so it generates large vapour clouds. Mesh coils also have low mass, though, so they aren’t prone to overheating when you reduce your tank’s airflow.

Vapour Path

These days, it’s fashionable for vaping companies to include wide drip tips with their tanks. A wide drip tip allows plenty of air to travel through a tank. As we’ve just learned, though, air only dilutes the flavour of your e-liquid. A wide drip tip also has a second side effect in that it sends the vapour directly down your throat before you have an opportunity to taste it. You’ll fill the room with enormous vapour clouds, but you’ll find that those clouds don’t taste like much of anything.

Try This: Try swapping out your tank’s wide drip tip for a narrow pawn-shaped 510 drip tip. With some tanks, you may need to use an 810-to-510 adapter to use 510 drip tips. A narrow drip tip forces the vapour to remain in your mouth longer – focusing the flavour – before it travels down your throat.



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