Firebolt Cotton
Firebolt Cotton from Vapefly has been designed to be as convenient as possible. Pre-cut strips with a shoelace type aglet fixed to each strip allow easy threading with no fuss. Vapefly Firebolt Cotton boasts rapid absorption thanks to its use...
Fat Kiwi Cotton
Fat Kiwi Cotton is a premium Wicking Cotton made from pure Pima Cotton, which provides a longer-lasting and fresher Wick option. Pima Cotton is known for being softer than normal Cotton, with longer fibres. This allows for quicker e-liquid absorption...
Cotn threads Cotton
Vape Cotton threads from Cotn are 100% Organic and conveniently pre-cut into segments ready for use. The advantage of being pre-cut means that you won’t be wasting Cotton, which saves you in the long run. The segments are pre-cut in...
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