4Steps 280mAh E-cigarette Battery
The 4Steps e-cigarette 280 mAh battery gives you a bigger battery for your 4Steps e-cigarette cartridges, providing more power for longer, which ultimately means less time between charges. The EasyPuff 280 Mah Battery is still small and sleek, retaining its...
4Steps E-cigarette Battery
The 4Steps e-cigarette battery is rechargeable and can last you for a few hours before it needs to be recharged. You can buy more than one at a time, so you will always have a battery charged up and ready...
4Steps USB E-cigarette Charger
4Steps USB Charger is the perfect companion for your 4Steps e-cigarette batteries, with this little handy addition you can turn any available USB port into a place to charge your device. Small and discrete, you can easily throw it in...
Efest 30EF 18650 Battery
Genuine Grade A lithium battery from Efest. This 18650 battery is used for most vape devices and is the most recommended battery for the longest-lasting performance and value for money. Specifications 3000mah Capacity Nominal Voltage: 3.7v Discharge Cut-Off Voltage: 2.5v...
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Molicel RM21700 Battery
This model has a typical capacity of 4000mAh - a very high capacity battery. These batteries have a Continuous Discharge Rating of 30A. RM21700 batteries include positive and negative indications to avoid confusion and have battery safety information on the...
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