Frequently Asked Questions?

Most frequently asked questions can be found here in our vaping FAQ, if you do need any help please contact us via our live chat portal or email at

Customer Accounts 

The convenience of customer accounts to enhance your shopping experience. Creating a customer account provides numerous benefits and features designed to make your interactions with us more seamless and personalized.

General Freight FAQ

You can enhance your shopping experience by creating a customer account. When you create a customer account, you will receive a number of benefits and features that will simplify and personalize your interactions with us.

Shipping Methods & Times FAQs?

The Shipping Methods & Times page provides detailed information about the shipping options available to you. Find out about the different shipping methods we offer, estimated delivery times, and any special requirements you may have. If you're looking for a seamless and reliable delivery experience, choose an option that suits your needs.

Vaping Beginners FAQs?

In our comprehensive FAQs, you will find answers to all of your vaping questions. Learn about vaping basics, device use, e-liquids, and safety tips. Make informed decisions when you start your vaping journey.

Vape Devices & Accessories FAQs?

Answers to your most commonly asked questions about vaping devices and accessories. Find out about different types of devices, maintenance tips, battery safety, and more. Our comprehensive FAQs will help you vape smoothly and enjoyably.

Using & Maintaining Device FAQs?

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about using and maintaining your device here. Ensure a long-lasting performance by maximizing its functionality, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring proper care. This FAQ section provides helpful tips and guidance.

Disposable Vapes FAQs?

Find answers to your most common disposable vape questions. Here you can learn about their features, how to use them, what flavors they have, and how long they last. You can learn more about disposable vapes and make informed decisions in our extensive FAQ section.

Product Information FAQs?

Frequently asked questions about our products can be found here. Find out more about the product's features, specifications, and usage instructions. Make informed purchases by getting the information you need.

Payments & Refunds FAQs?

Find answers to your frequently asked questions about payments and refunds. Here you will find information about accepted payment methods, secure transactions, refund policies, and how to request a refund. Assisting you throughout the refund and payment process is what we do best.

Privacy & Security FAQs?

We have answered frequently asked questions regarding our website's privacy and security measures. For your peace of mind, find out how we safeguard your personal information online.

Youth Vaping in NZ FAQs?

In New Zealand, youth vape a lot. Here are some frequently asked questions. Resources to help address concerns about youth and vaping, including regulations, health risks, and prevention strategies. You should stay informed and make informed decisions.

Loyalty Program FAQs?

Find out what you need to know about our loyalty program. Get tips on earning rewards, redeeming points, and maximizing your membership benefits. Discover the benefits of being a loyal customer and maximize your shopping experience.

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