Pod Systems

A pod system is a mini vaping device based on a two-part system: a "pod" filled with "vape juice" or "E liquid" that snaps into a small battery or "mod". They're available in both pre-filled or refillable designs. Most pod systems, also referred to as "pods", mini vapes or AIO's (All In Ones), are designed for smokers transitioning into vaping and mimic the sensation of smoking a cigarette closer than a direct to lung device, making it easier to make the switch and transition more easily.

The "pod" part of the system is an all in one tank in which to hold the E liquid and it also often houses a built in coil. This makes things very simple when it comes to maintenance. Meaning you only need to fill it with E liquid and not worry about changing a coil. When you find that the coil is done, simply discard the used pod and install a new one. This being said there are a number of newer pod systems that have interchangeable coils to suit a multitude of vaping styles, this creating the so called "AIO" or "All In One" device suitable for all styles of vaping in one handy small device.

Overall Pod systems offer a number of benefits to the user such as a smaller, simpler and more convenient, more discreet method of vaping with an overall more cost effective approach requiring less maintenance. This making it a great place to start for anyone looking to make the transition.

Responsible Vaping