Reward Points

Vape reward points with EasyPuff vape store

With every purchase you make, you accumulate vape reward points that you are able to use to purchase products or to use as a discount on your purchases. Vape reward points are our way of giving back to you and thanking you for choosing the EasyPuff vape store.


How do the vape rewards points work?

Every time you purchase from EasyPuff, you will be rewarded with points, these can be used to purchase products or you can save them to be applied as a discount to your orders.


How do I use my vape reward points?

Once you have selected the items you wish to order and have added them to your cart, proceed to the checkout. Under the shopping list the option to choose reward points. Reward points are applied to your account once the product has been shipped.


Can I save my vape reward points up?

Yes, you can.


Do my reward points expire?

Yes, they do after three months.


How much savings do reward points give me?

You get a 5% discount on every purchase.

Please note: Instore rewards can't be combined with online reward points.

Vaping Products may contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance