Is dripping your preferred way to vape? If it is, you’ve learned to put up with the many shortcomings that RDAs have. An RDA doesn’t hold enough e-liquid for more than a few puffs. Adding the right amount of e-liquid to an RDA is tricky. If you add too much, the RDA leaks. If you add too little, you get a dry hit. You have to bring a bottle of e-liquid everywhere. Vaping while driving is essentially impossible. For putting up with those inconveniences, your reward is the purest flavour and best vapour production possible with an e-cigarette.

What if we told you, though, that most of those inconveniences aren’t necessary – that it’s actually possible to get the performance of an RDA without dripping, without carrying a bottle of e-liquid everywhere and without leaks? Get ready; we’re about to add an unusual new word to your vocabulary

Introducing the Squonk Mod

A squonk mod – also known as a bottom feeder mod – is about the same size as a dual-