"The number of smokers in New Zealand has seen rapid growth over the last decade, alarming health advocates and the Ministry of Health. After decades of apathy, the government finally woke up in 2011, and set itself an ambitious target to make New Zealand smoke-free by as early as 2025"

So, what happened? Come 2015 and there were still an estimated 550,000 daily smokers in New Zealand. The sheer size of this number was mind-boggling. The government had failed miserably to bring down the number of smokers in the country. A large part of this failure could be attributed to ill-informed decisions regarding e-cigarettes.

The Health Ministry was aware of the incredible headway made by e-cigarettes in helping smokers quit their habit in other developed countries. Yet, because of the prevalent negative perception against nicotine, the ministry went ahead and banned the sale of nicotine-based e-liquids for e-cigarettes. As a result, ex-smokers trying to quit their habit had to get