The e-cigarettes market is currently a highly unregulated market. In other words, neither the government nor the industry’s biggest players have come up with an industry-wide set of standards and compliances to follow. This means that each manufacturer is using their own specifications in designing and manufacturing the e-cigarettes. Then there are the mods, where the users get a very high degree of freedom to customize their devices. Naturally, incompatibility and unintended uses (use of parts for purposes other than what the manufacturer designed them for) of parts is a common phenomenon in this area. Because of this, either the parts just give away, or in worse cases, batteries explode. To avoid such instances, users should give e-cigarette safety their earnest attention.

Don’t take e-cigarette safety lightly. E-cig batteries are exploding all the time, and they are easily avoidable. Know where to buy, how to use, and what not to do. Here are some tips for you.

Battery Safety for Vapers  


Use the Correct Battery

If your e-cigarette brand  offers replacement batteries to go with their e-cigarettes, then it’s best to get the batteries from them. However, if they do not, or you are using a mod that comes without a built-in battery, then you should know how to find the right battery. You should consider a range of specifications such as milliamp hours (mAh), whether you need an ICR battery or an IMR battery, should you go for the 18650 battery or a 20700 battery, and so on. If all of this sounds Greek to you, then it’s time you do your research. There are plenty of online resources. If you need more help, you can visit or call any e-cigarette retailer and they will also be able to help you.


Trust Reputed Companies

Do not buy your e-cigarettes from an obscure brand that nobody has ever heard about, just to save some money. Get your e-cigs, parts, and e-juices from a reliable and reputed company. This is especially true for batteries. Reputed brands follow their own safety procedures and are conscious of their brand image. Accidents can mean a death knell for their business. So, you can trust them to produce high quality, reliable products.


Follow Safe Battery Practices

There are some simple battery usage best practices that you should follow. For one, never use a damaged battery, even if there is a slight tampering with the surface of the battery. When you are attaching it to the atomizer of your mod, do not overtighten it. Batteries are designed to work at ambient temperatures. Do not expose them to heat, cold, or sunlight. Also, batteries are chemical devices and should not be exposed to water. Finally, do not leave a battery to overcharge, which is among the primary causes of battery explosions.


Charger Safety

Invest in a good charger from a reputable brand that comes with standard safety features. If you are buying a third-party charger, know the exact specifications of the charger you need. This depends on the battery that you are using. Different chargers are designed to deliver different levels of electric currents to the batteries. So, know the electricity needs of your battery. Also, don’t use your e-cigarette charger with any other device, even if the charger pin fits with the other device.



E-cigarette battery safety cannot be stressed enough. Know and understand your e-cig before you start using.

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