Is the enormous flavour variety of vaping one of the primary features that keeps you interested? You’re not alone. Some people vape for the nicotine. Others love chasing clouds and trying new coil designs. If you vape for the flavour, you’re a flavour chaser. You love trying new e-liquids and seeing how changing something about your vaping setup can allow different flavour notes to come through more prominently. Flavour chasing is great fun – except when you start to get a burned taste when vaping. A harsh, burned flavour can overpower the pleasant notes in your e-liquid. A burned taste can even irritate your throat and mouth.


Prevent that burnt Vaping taste guide

Vaping should always be a great experience. If you get a burned taste when vaping, something is terribly wrong. The good news is that you can always fix the problem. Are you experiencing dry hits when vaping? Do you get a burned taste when you try to enjoy longer, deeper puffs? These tips will help.


Sweet E-Liquids leave burned deposits on Coils

Sweet e-liquids are incredibly popular among those who vape. That’s not a surprising fact when you consider that an e-liquid can be almost as sweet as candy while containing no calories. Sweet e-liquids do have a drawback, though, in that they make it necessary to change your coils more often. The most popular e-liquid sweeteners – additives such as sucralose – don’t vaporize cleanly. They leave deposits on your coils. Over time, those deposits form dark crusts that burn. Vapers call this phenomenon “coil gunk,” and it’s a sign that you need to change your coil. If you use an RDA, you can check for coil gunk by removing your atomizer’s top cap. If you use a tank, you can examine the coil by removing the tank’s bottom cap. If you see a black coil and discoloured wick, it’s time to change the coil. If you vape heavily and prefer very sweet e-liquids, you may need to change your coil daily.


Overuse of cotton can choke your Coil

If you build your own coils, you’re used to the process of working with cotton wicks. Have you ever stopped to think, though, about the amount of cotton you use? You may feel tempted to use as much cotton as you can possibly stuff through your coils. Using more cotton, after all, means that your atomizer can hold more e-liquid and is less likely to leak. The problem with using too much cotton, though, is that cotton expands when it’s wet. If you’ve pushed so much cotton through your coil that the expanding fibres have nowhere to go, you’ll cut off the flow of e-liquid. You’ll get a burned taste during long puffs. Eventually, the cotton under the coil will burn.

Are you using too much cotton when building coils? An easy test is to look at your old cotton when building a new coil. If the cotton splits in the middle when you try to pull it out – and the wick has a black spot in the middle – you’re using too much cotton. You should feel only slight resistance when threading the cotton through the coil.


Lower Your wattage if you prefer longer puffs

Long, deep puffs when vaping feel satisfying and generate large vapour clouds. If you prefer deep puffs, though, you may need to lower your e-cigarette’s wattage to avoid a burned taste when vaping. The higher your coil’s mass is, the longer it’ll take to ramp up to its maximum heat. You might consider increasing your device’s wattage to shorten the ramp-up time. If you do that, though, your device’s wick will have trouble keeping up during long puffs. You’ll end up with a burned taste when the cotton dries out. If you prefer long puffs, use a lower wattage setting. Higher wattages work best for short puffs.


Try a tank With larger wick holes

Are you getting a burned taste when vaping with an e-cigarette tank? Your wattage setting may not be the only culprit. The e-liquid in an e-cigarette tank travels through small holes in the coil to reach the wick. Coils with small wick holes are best for short puffs and low-wattage devices. Coils with pinpricks for wick holes are best for mouth-to-lung vaping. If you constantly get a burned taste when vaping with your current tank, you may need to switch to a tank with larger wick holes so e-liquid travels to the coil more efficiently.


Try a tank with ceramic coils

Cotton is by far the most popular wick material for vaping. Cotton is inexpensive and produces a pure, clean flavour – but it isn’t the only choice. You can also find many e-cigarette tanks with coils that use ceramic wicks. E-liquid doesn’t travel as quickly through ceramic as it does through cotton, so coils with ceramic wicks are best for people who prefer puffs lasting no more than a few seconds. One benefit of ceramic, though, is that it doesn’t burn at any temperature that an e-cigarette coil can reach. You can’t singe a ceramic wick as you can a cotton wick – and if your wick can’t burn, it can’t produce a burned taste when you vape. Remember, though, that switching to a ceramic wick will not prevent coil gunk. It’ll only prevent you from burning your wick.


Try temperature control vaping

If you have a modern regulated box mod, it’s likely that your device supports temperature control vaping. To enable temperature control, you’ll need to use a tank or atomizer with a material such as nickel or titanium depending on your device’s features. You may also need to execute a few key presses on your device; consult the instruction manual. When you enable temperature control mode, you set a maximum temperature that your coil cannot exceed. When the coil reaches that temperature, the device cuts power to the coil to avoid a dry hit. If you like a warm vape, temperature control may not be for you because temperature control does tend to result in a cooler vape and slightly reduced vapour production. Temperature control is extremely effective, though, in eliminating a burned taste when vaping due to overheating and dry or burned cotton.


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