When you’re shopping online for e-cigarettes in New Zealand, you’re likely to see a lot of mechanical mods. Mechanical mods are popular in the vaping community because they’re simple, durable, beautiful and inexpensive – but is a mech mod the right choice for you? This article is your complete guide to buying mechanical mods in New Zealand. When you’re done reading, you’ll understand how to choose the right mechanical mod. You’ll also understand how mech mods vs. regulated mods compare – and you’ll know how to use mechanical mods safely. Let’s get started.

What Are Mechanical Mods?

A mechanical mod is a vaping device with no digital controls, no integrated circuit and no internal electronics of any kind. The only control on a mechanical mod is a fire button that completes a circuit and causes the tank or atomiser to activate. Mechanical mods come in both tube and box shapes. Regardless of the shape, though, the concept is the same. Mechanical mods are the simplest e-cigarettes that exist.

What Are the Benefits of Mechanical Mods?

Simplicity has many benefits. Compared to other types of vaping devices, a mechanical mod typically delivers the same amount of power in a smaller package. Since a mechanical mod doesn’t have internal electronic components, it doesn’t have a digital display or other component that can suddenly stop working. The only component of a mechanical mod that can potentially stop working is the button. If the button does stop working – which is extremely rare – it’s simple and inexpensive to replace. The fact that mechanical mods have no internal electronics also means that there’s no wasted power. All of the battery’s power goes immediately to the tank or atomiser, so there is absolutely no delay before the device begins to generate vapour.

Mechanical Mods vs. Regulated Mods

Are mechanical mods the best e-cigarettes for all vapers? Not necessarily; the fact that mechanical mods have no electronic components also means that they have no safety features. A regulated mod has internal electronics that can shut the device down and display an error message if:

  • The batteries are reversed
  • The voltage of the batteries is too low or too high
  • The resistance of the tank or atomiser is too low
  • The temperature of the mod is too high
  • Any component in the circuit would cause a short

One of the primary purposes of the electronic components in a regulated mod is to ensure your safety when vaping and protect you if you make a mistake. Since a mechanical mod has none of those components, you’re responsible for your own safety if you use a mech mod. If you don’t have the time or inclination to learn about e-cigarette battery safety, a mechanical mod probably isn’t the device for you.

Another difference that you’ll notice when comparing mechanical mods vs. regulated mods is that regulated mods have more features. A regulated mod often allows you to vape at higher at a higher wattage than would be possible with a mechanical mod. Regulated mods may also have additional features such as automatic temperature limiting and the ability to configure a custom power curve for your puffs. Compared to a mechanical mod, a regulated mod will typically be larger, will cost more and will have a slight but noticeable delay when activating the atomiser or tank. A regulated mod, however, can also do more than a mechanical mod.

How to Buy the Best Mechanical Mod

When you buy a mechanical mod in New Zealand, you should look for a device with the best machining possible. You’ll be disassembling the device frequently, so you want a mod with threading that’s durable and turns smoothly without squeaking.

You should also buy a mechanical mod with the best electrical conductivity possible. Look for solid copper or gold-plated pins. Magnetic buttons are more durable than spring-loaded buttons.

How to Use a Mechanical Mod Safely

When you use a mechanical mod, you’re responsible for your own safety. Your mod can’t tell you if you’re doing something wrong. No matter what, it’ll attempt to fire the tank or atomizer when you press the button. To help ensure that you’re using your mechanical mod safely, follow these basic rules:

Know the capabilities of your batteries. Every battery has a maximum safe discharge rate in amps. Whether you use a tank or build your own coils, you should always check the resistance of an atomizer before using it. Use an Ohm’s Law calculator to determine how many amps the atomizer would draw from your battery, and make sure that the amperage is well below your battery’s safe discharge rate. Battery makers often exaggerate the capabilities of their cells, so leave yourself plenty of breathing room.

Don’t use your mechanical mod if the battery voltage is low. When the vapour production of your device drops noticeably, it’s time to charge the battery.

Don’t carry your mechanical mod or spare batteries in your pocket. Batteries that touch each other or other metal objects can potentially short circuit and explode. It’s a good idea to buy a mechanical mod with a locking fire button to eliminate any chance of pressing the button accidentally during transport.

Don’t use your mechanical mod if it feels overly hot to the touch. Extreme heat may be a sign of a more serious problem such as an overloaded battery.

What Are Squonk Boxes?

A squonk box – also known as a bottom feeding mod – is a mechanical mod with a built-in e-liquid tank. The tank has a needle that connects to the bottom of a special atomizer with a hole in the centre pin. When you squeeze the bottle in a squonk box, e-liquid travels through the needle to keep the atomizer wet. If you like mechanical mods and go through a lot of e-liquid when you vape, a squonk box might be the perfect mechanical mod for you. With a squonk box, your e-liquid always travels with you – there’s no need to carry an extra bottle for dripping.

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