When it comes to vaping, a quick Google search will throw up a wealth of information at you. But, there is a good chance that a major chunk of it is just misinformation. This leads to a lot of confusion. Which sources can you rely on?

Cheap brands and manufacturers seek to spread a lot of fake facts about their substandard products in order to sell them. Then there are individual bloggers who dish out biased reviews to generate income out of affiliate marketing. Not to mention the countless websites that publish factually incorrect information all the time. Result? E-cigarettes explode all the time. E-juices containing dangerous chemicals cause severe damage to the health of the users.

This puts into perspective the need for a reliable and dependable source that gives you well-researched information that you can trust. And, who better than a reputed retailer and expert of e-cigarettes, mods, and e-juice, EasyPuff™, to bring you all of this information!

That’s right, EasyPuff™ has launched a YouTube channel that brings a world of useful information about vaping to its fans. Here’s why you should subscribe to it right away.

Product Reviews

Every product sold on the EasyPuff™ website has a review section where customers can share their reviews of the products they have used. With its YouTube channel, EasyPuff™ will bring to you detailed, unbiased, and professional reviews of the products on its website. While the customer reviews provide you a subjective opinion regarding the products, you can find more objective and detailed reviews on the EasyPuff™ YouTube channel.


Going forward, EasyPuff™ will create a variety of tutorial videos for vapers. These will include easy to follow instructions on battery safety, tutorials on building different types of mods, how-to videos for replacing batteries or e-juice tanks, and so on. Every vaping product is different in some way from every other in the market. So, these videos will prove to be highly useful for novice as well as seasoned vapers.

Product specific tutorials, especially, will help vapers understand the nitty-gritties of their products. They will then be able to enjoy the full benefits of their devices.


EasyPuff™ has been in the vaping business for more than 6 years. It has a long history of sourcing and selling the world’s best e-cigarettes and e-juices from the top vape brands in the market. In fact, EasyPuff™ has been the leading retailer in the New Zealand vaping industry for many years now. It was the most preferred choice for vapers to get high-quality e-cigs and e-juices from world-class brands in Europe and the US.

Thanks to all that experience of serving high quality, reliable products to customers, today, the retailer enjoys the well-grounded trust of vapers from all over the country. So, it goes without saying that EasyPuff™ is one of the most trusted sources of information on anything related to vaping. The retailer intends to put this trust to good use and quell a number of myths about e-cigs in the market while spreading factually correct information about vaping.

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