There are only a handful of vape brands that have been able to create an international fan following as sensational as Nasty Juice. This Malaysian brand is a massive hit in all major vape markets, including the US, UK, Australia, Japan, Russia, and many others. Now, the world-renowned premium e-juice brand finally makes a big splash on EasyPuff. New Zealanders can now enjoy the phenomenal flavours of the upmarket e-juices from Nasty Juice. Here’s a quick roundup of what makes Nasty Juice e-liquids such a rage among vape fans from all over the world.

Nasty e-juice the Plush Feel and Quality

Each pack of Nasty Juice e-liquid is nicely packed in an aluminium bottle-like canister. The canister is made of food-grade aluminium, which means that it is perfectly safe for use. The canisters made of plastic always have the risk of melting when the e-cigarette gets too hot. In addition, aluminium canisters protect the contents from sunlight, which can break down the solutions in the e-juices over time.

Apart from these highly functional aspects, the aluminium bottles have a certain sophisticated feel about them. You truly feel that you are in possession of a top grade e-juice in your hands.

A Perfect E-Juice For Everyone

Nasty Juice offers e-juices in a variety of nicotine combinations – 3mg, 6mg, and zero nicotine concentrations. Furthermore, all of its e-juices have a 70/30 VG PG configuration. This configuration is perfect for producing thick vapours even with less heat and power. That’s why these juices are a great choice for both regular and sub-ohm vapers. They also produce consistently thick clouds that have an enhanced flavour to them, making them more enjoyable to the vapers.

Exotic Flavors

Nasty Juice offers a dizzying variety of exotic flavours to its fans all over the world. It is particularly known for its fruity flavours that have a fresh, succulent, and reinvigorating feel to them. Ever need to give yourself a strong dose of freshness and get your mind working fast? Try the fruity flavours from Nasty Juice. They are fantastic.

Awesome Packaging

The Nasty Juice brand prides itself on its amazing packaging. Every bottle of e-juice comes nicely packaged in the most brilliant combination of colours and graphics. In addition, the bottles feature child-safety caps to prevent children from accidentally swallowing the contents or using the e-juice.

In a nutshell, Nasty Juice is one of the most quirky and fun vape brands in the world. They perfectly understand what their audience desires and have nailed it with their flavours. Give their products a try and you’ll never settle for anything less.

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