Smoking is one of the greatest public health challenges facing Malaysia. Among the Malaysian population, 22.8 percent smoke – and nearly all smokers are men. Among Malaysian men, 43 percent smoke. It should come as no surprise, then, that vaping has proven extremely popular in Malaysia. A 2015 estimate suggested that Malaysia had as many as 1 million vapers and that the Malaysian vaping market had become one of the world’s largest. One side effect of Malaysia’s vaping boom is an explosion of Malaysian e-liquid companies – many of which now ship their products worldwide. Malaysian e-liquids have become famous among vapers throughout the world for their interesting flavour combinations and unique expressions of well-known flavour profiles such as mango and strawberry. There’s also the menthol – Malaysians love their menthol.

Let’s learn more about the one-of-a-kind world of Malaysian e-liquids.

Malaysian E-Liquid Packaging Is Unique
When you look at Malaysian e-liquids, you’ll see some of the most unique and eye-catching packaging in the vaping industry. You’ll find metal bottles, bottles shaped like soda bottles, bottles that ship in metal cans – and of course there are the many e-liquids that parody popular soda and snack packages. You can recognize Malaysian e-liquids from a mile away because they’re often the brightest bottles on the shelf.
Malaysians Love Their Fruity Flavours

When you look at Malaysian e-liquids, one of the first things you’ll notice is that Malaysians love their fruity flavours. That’s not unique; fruity e-liquids are popular throughout the world. What is unique, though, are the flavour combinations that are popular and the ways in which Malaysian e-liquid makers express those flavours in their products. Malaysians absolutely adore mango flavours. It’s likely that you can find more mango e-liquids in Malaysia than you can anywhere else – but it doesn’t stop there. These are just a few of the one-of-a-kind e-liquid flavours that you can find in Malaysian vape shops:

  • Durian, a fruit renowned for its custard-like flesh and extremely potent scent
  • Lychee, a sweet red tropical fruit
  • Salak, a crunchy fruit that looks a bit like a fig
  • Sweet jasmine tea
  • Condensed milk with rose aroma
  • Yakult, a cultured dairy product with beneficial bacteria
  • Soybeans
It isn’t just the flavour combinations that make Malaysian e-liquids notable; people who try Malaysian e-liquids often swear that they’re simply more boldly flavoured than anything else they’ve tried. Some people try Malaysian e-liquids and return to their previous favourite juices only to find them bland in comparison. Taste, of course, is subjective. Only you can say whether that statement holds true for you. There’s one thing about Malaysian e-liquids that no one can deny, though:
Malaysians Really, Really Love Menthol
In the western world, you can always find a menthol e-liquid or two at your favourite vape shop or online store. In Malaysia, though, menthol e-liquids are absolutely the norm. Many e-liquid makers even offer the same flavours in cooling and non-cooling versions. Menthol e-liquids are so prevalent in Malaysia that you can often assume that an e-liquid contains menthol even if the bottle doesn’t mention it. Why is menthol so popular in Malaysia? It’s possible that the Asian tobacco companies managed to cultivate the belief that menthol cigarettes are somehow less harmful than regular ones. In a 2010 survey of more than 2,000 Malaysian smokers, 16 percent of participants believed that smoking menthol cigarettes was a healthier option. It’s also possible that some people simply like menthol because it helps them beat the summer heat. Either way, you’ll find no shortage of menthol in Malaysian e-liquids.
Although “super menthols” do exist in the western e-liquid industry, most menthol e-liquids here are mild in comparison to what you’ll find in Malaysia. Vaping a menthol e-liquid from Malaysia results in an intense cooling blast to the mouth and throat that many people absolutely love. What’s the secret? It isn’t just menthol. It’s a compound called menthyl methyl lactate and sold under the trade name Koolada. Koolada cools the mouth – just like menthol – but it doesn’t add the easily recognizable menthol flavour to an e-liquid. Adding Koolada is a great way to make a cooling e-liquid without altering its base flavour. Used in conjunction with menthol, Koolada creates intense cooling that’s hard to match. You’ll find it in many Malaysian e-liquids.
What Are the Best Malaysian E-Liquid Companies?

Here at EasyPuff, we’ve combed the world in search of the most unique e-liquids to offer our customers – and when we looked for the best Malaysian e-liquids, Nasty Juice and Horny Flava were the two companies that stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice recently added a series of tobacco flavours to its product range, but this company is best known for its bold fruit flavours that leave just a hint of a pleasant cooling sensation in the mouth after the exhale. If you want to taste the signature e-liquid from Nasty Juice, look no further than Kush Man. While most of the world’s mango e-liquids attempt to duplicate the flavour of mango candy, Kush Man actually presents a flavour remarkably like that of a fresh mango. Vapers around the world have cited Kush Man as perhaps the most realistic mango e-liquid on the market. The other defining feature of Nasty Juice is its shiny aluminium bottles. You’ll love to show them off to your friends.

Horny Flava

Horny Flava is an e-liquid company whose products you can spot easily on any shelf thanks to a uniquely curved bottle resembling that of a fine liqueur. The Horny Flava product range also features a spectacular mango e-liquid – Horny Mango – that you’re certain to love. It has a mouth-watering mango flavour and features the signature minty blast that has made Malaysian e-liquids so famous. If we had to pick the best e-liquid from Horny Flava, though, we’d choose Horny Pomberry. It features the flavour of mangosteen – not common in western e-liquids – blended skilfully with strawberry and melon. It’s a creative fruit blend that’s certain to please anyone with a sweet tooth.