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An e-cigarette with a tank is arguably the best possible vaping device for a beginner. Having a tank that you can fill yourself means that you’ll pay less for your e-liquids since you can buy bottled e-liquids rather than more expensive disposable cartridges. Having a tank also means that you have far more flavour choices available because most of the world’s e-liquids are only available by the bottle – they aren’t available in disposable cartridges.

Tank-based e-cigarettes offer performance and freedom. However, many new vapers found the tank-based e-cigarettes of the past overly complicated to use. They got e-liquid on their hands when filling their tanks and found the process of disassembling a tank to troubleshoot a leak or swap a coil too cumbersome. An all-in-one vape pen is a tank-based e-cigarette that eliminates the most common problems new vapers encounter while retaining the flexibility and performance of tank-based vaping.

Are you having trouble deciding which type of vaping device is right for you? In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of all-in-one vape pens to make your buying decision an easier one.

What Is an All-in-One Vape Pen?

In an all-in-one vape pen, the tank is a permanent part of the vaping device. While most vaping devices have threading that allows you to remove a tank and install a different one, the tank of an all-in-one device is the only tank that you will ever use with that device. While using a device with an all-in-one configuration means that you’ll sacrifice a bit of flexibility, it also means that you’ll have a better introduction to vaping because you’ll avoid the most common problems that people experience when they’re new to e-cigarettes.

All-in-One Vape Pens Are Easy to Use

The greatest selling point in favour of all-in-one vape pens is that they’re much easier to use than other e-cigarettes with tanks. There’s nothing to disassemble, and the tank’s lid is the only thing that you need to manipulate. You’ll remove the lid both to fill the tank and to replace the coil. Since an all-in-one device has only one removable component, a complete beginner can learn how to use it in minutes. An all-in-one device generally also has just one button. Just press and hold the button to vape – it’s that easy.

All-in-One Vape Pens Prevent Leaking

One of the biggest problems with most e-cigarette tanks is that they leak. E-liquid leaks through the mouthpiece, through the air vents, through the filling hole or between the many silicone gaskets necessary to keep the liquid inside a glass enclosure with so many openings. When an e-cigarette tank has a persistent leak, there isn’t much that you can do but disassemble and clean the tank, checking and replacing the gaskets as necessary. Troubleshooting a leaking e-cigarette is a frustrating and time-consuming experience.

With an all-in-one vape pen, leaking is almost impossible because the tank has no bottom opening – you store your e-liquid inside the body of the vape pen itself. Even the air vents are on the top of the vape pen – not the bottom as in most vaping tanks. Unless you habitually hold your e-cigarette upside down, there’s virtually no chance of ever experiencing a leak with an all-in-one vaping device.

All-in-One Vape Pens Have No Compatibility Issues

An e-cigarette with a removable tank gives you the possibility of trying other tanks – or other types of attachments such as rebuildable atomizers – when you want to experiment with your vaping experience. Since the tank is a permanent part of an all-in-one vaping device, experimenting with different tanks isn’t possible. Because of that fact, an all-in-one device may not be the best choice for an experienced vaper who loves to tinker with vaping hardware. On the other hand, the fact that an all-in-one device doesn’t work with other tanks also means that there’s no chance of encountering a compatibility issue. There’s no need to worry that a tank either won’t work with your device or will cause a safety problem since an all-in-one device only works with the built-in tank.

All-in-One Vape Pens May Have Less Available Settings

When a vaping device has a single-button control scheme, it doesn’t have a menu system and will lack options for adjusting aspects of the vaping experience such as wattage and temperature. On one hand, that means an all-in-one device has less flexibility than a device with a removable tank. However, other vaping devices need that flexibility to work with tanks from third-party makers. When a vaping device only works with one tank, it already has the ideal performance for that tank – it doesn’t require changes to its settings. Whether the inability to change settings is a big enough drawback that you should avoid buying an all-in-one vape pen depends on your priorities. If you want a device that works with many different accessories, you should probably select a different device. If simplicity is your primary concern, an all-in-one device is probably right for you.

All-in-One Vape Pens Usually Have Permanent Batteries

An all-in-one vape pen generally has a fixed internal battery that you can’t remove – at least, not without a little soldering iron know-how. The benefit of a non-removable battery is that a device can be smaller and lighter if it doesn’t have the hardware to support a removable battery. In addition, a device with a fixed battery usually works during charging. A fixed-battery device does, however, have two drawbacks. The first is that you can’t charge the battery in an external charger – you must use a USB cable for charging. The second drawback is that when the battery stops holding a charge in a year or two, you’ll have to replace the entire device. Manufacturers usually compensate for that drawback by charging lower prices for fixed-battery devices.