If you’re a smoker considering making the switch to vaping, there is one thing that you’re hoping for from your vaping experience above all else: You want it to be as much like smoking as possible. You’d like to stub out your last cigarette and pick up your first e-cigarette without noticing a difference between the two.

If you haven’t tried vaping yet, we’ll give you a preview of your future: Before long, you’ll reach a time at which you no longer miss smoking at all. Vaping is that good. We promise. Until then, though, you need as much help as possible in getting over the initial hump of making the switch – and that’s where pod vaping systems come in.

In short, the pod vaping system is the latest innovation from vaping product manufacturers in the field of small e-cigarettes. A pod vaping system is a device created with the goal of giving you an experience as close as possible to that of smoking from an e-cigarette that’s small enough to hold between two fingers.


Pod vaping systems have great appeal among new vapers. They’re so popular, in fact, that many experienced vapers around the world have decided to “downgrade” to pod systems from much larger vaping devices.
What makes pod vaping systems so special – and do they have any potential drawbacks? Those are the questions that we’re going to address in this article. Let’s begin.


What Are Pod Vaping Systems?

A pod vaping system is a small e-cigarette that stores its e-liquid in a plastic pod. You install a pod simply by pushing it into the top of the e-cigarette. Many pod systems use pre-filled pods, while others use pods that you can fill yourself.


How do pod systems differ from traditional e-cigarettes?
• A traditional e-cigarette usually has about the same shape and size as a tobacco cigarette. Pod vaping systems are typically small, but they do not look like cigarettes.
• A traditional e-cigarette uses opaque twist-on cartridges. A traditional e-cigarette cartridge stores only a little e-liquid, and you can’t see how much e-liquid remains in the cartridge. E-liquid pods hold more e-liquid and have windows allowing you to see how much e-liquid you have.
• Pod vaping systems are designed to give you the best possible experience with a new form of e-liquid called nicotine salt e-liquid.


What Are the Benefits of Pod Vaping Systems?
Better Vaping Experience Than Traditional E-Cigarettes

For most people, a traditional e-cigarette doesn’t provide enough battery life – or enough e-liquid per cartridge – for all-day vaping. While a standard e-cigarette might have a battery capacity of about 90 mAh, a pod system might have a capacity of 300 mAh or more. A fully charged pod system with a new pod can easily keep you vaping all day without worrying about pod replacements or charging the battery.

More Satisfying Than Traditional E-Cigarettes

The most important feature of pod vaping systems is that they’re designed to give you a great experience with nicotine salt e-liquids. Nicotine salt e-liquids contain a different form of nicotine than what you’ll find in standard e-liquids. Many people find that nicotine salt creates a very smooth vaping experience – even when the nicotine concentration of the e-liquid is very high. Nicotine salt e-liquids enable pod vaping systems to deliver nicotine more efficiently than traditional e-cigarettes – and that’s exactly what smokers need to make the switch to vaping easy and painless.

Less Expensive Than Sub-Ohm Mods

Because pod vaping systems deliver nicotine so efficiently, some experienced vapers have decided to “downgrade” from larger vaping devices to pod systems. Many people who use large vaping devices do so because the large clouds those devices produce are much more satisfying than the small, wispy clouds that traditional e-cigarettes produce. The downside of larger vaping devices, though, is that they’re expensive to use because they consume e-liquid quickly. A pod system is much less expensive to use because it delivers the same satisfaction while using far less e-liquid.

What Are the Drawbacks of Pod Vaping Systems?

Some Aren’t Refillable

Many pod vaping systems use pre-filled pods that you can’t open and refill yourself. Using pre-filled pods is a convenient way to vape. When a pod runs out, you can simply discard it and drop in a new pod. The downside of that arrangement, though, is that there are only a few e-liquid flavours available for any pod vaping device that uses pre-filled pods. In addition, pre-filled pods cost significantly more over the long term than bottled e-liquids. If you think that a pod system is the right choice for you – and you want to experiment with many different e-liquid flavours – you should buy a system with refillable pods.

Too Much Nicotine for Some

As mentioned above, pod vaping systems with nicotine salt e-liquids are extremely efficient nicotine delivery devices. If you’re currently a smoker, efficient nicotine delivery is exactly what you want; nothing delivers nicotine more efficiently than tobacco cigarettes. That’s why they’re so addictive. If you’ve already switched from smoking to vaping, though, you’ve already made it through the difficult initial stage of reducing your nicotine consumption. If you switch to a pod system with pre-filled pods, you’ll definitely consume more nicotine than you currently do – and you may not want to do that. Many experienced vapers find the higher nicotine strengths of pod vaping systems overwhelming and unpleasant.

More Expensive Than Traditional Vape Pens

Until pod vaping systems appeared on the market, vape pens with refillable tanks were the best vaping devices for beginners. Although a tank-based vaping system isn’t as convenient as an e-cigarette with twist-on cartridges, vape pens produce more vapour than traditional e-cigarettes and give you much more freedom in terms of your e-liquid choices. Pod vaping systems have those same benefits – so which is better? Pod systems are very convenient and pocketable. Vape pens, in comparison, are typically a bit larger – but they’re also less expensive to own than pod systems. When you need a new atomizer coil for a pod vaping system, you must replace the entire pod because the pod and the atomizer coil are the same unit. When you have a vape pen with a tank, the tank is permanent; you only need to replace the atomizer coil. New pods for pod vaping systems tend to cost more than atomizer coils for vape pens.