A decade ago, it was very easy to find credible information on anything related to vaping. The industry was in its nascent stage and it was easy to find relevant scientific information from credible sources. As the e-cigarette smoking phenomenon caught on, more businesses entered this industry. This was followed by the entry of cheap manufacturers into the market, who have been deliberately spreading misinformation about their products among the vapers in a bid to push their own substandard products. Therefore, it has become excruciatingly difficult to find credible and reliable information. That’s why, we bring you the top most reputed, and credible sources of information on anything related to vaping.


Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA.org)

CASAA is a non-profit organization that is founded and run by volunteers. The organization itself is not affiliated to any of the industry bodies or companies in the tobacco, e-cigarette, or pharmaceutical sectors. CASAA started as an online forum in 2009 to help vape enthusiasts share helpful information with each other. The community experienced an exponential growth and has added as many as 120,000 members at the last count. It is the leading vaping advocacy group in the US, and as a neutral, community- supported entity, has a powerful voice among the vapers.

Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA.org)

SFATA is a trade association that represents all the parties in the vaping industry. They have consumers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers as their members. The membership is not free and involves a nominal fee, for which they share a variety of useful resources with the wholesalers and retailers about vaping. The membership also comes with perks like access to members-only events and inclusion into the SFATA family of companies. But, the most important role of SFATA is to educate the public about the benefits of vaping and fight the misconceptions about it. It is the primary lobbying resource for the vaping industry.

Not Blowing Smoke (NOTBlowingSmoke.org)

Not Blowing Smoke is an initiative started by 4 people - Jason Downing, Stephan Didak, Camille Winans, and one mysterious individual behind the YouTube channel, “The Truth About Vaping”. The founders have the goal to turn their initiative into a full-blown non-profit organization that provides the non-hobbyist vapers with scientific, trustworthy, educational materials that raises awareness about vaping, in general. They are currently seeking crowdfunding to help them set up their non-profit organization.

American Vaping Association (Vaping.info)

The American Vaping Association is a non-profit body that represents small businesses in the vaping industry. Their primary goal is to raise awareness among the consumers, the public, the government, and critics about the benefits of vaping.

Final Thoughts

While the heated debate over the benefits and the risks of e-cigarettes and vaping rages on, these trustworthy voices are becoming more important than ever.

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