Vaping has become very trendy but to us, it’s about helping people Quit smoking, at the same time trying to protect our youth from the Dangers of vaping many people like the idea of vaping as opposed to smoking so we have to all play role to make sure we can continue helping smokers Quit tobacco cigarettes. EasyPuff is New Zealand's premium quality online Vape store where all the Vaping products from Vape devices to E-liquids to e-juices; to all the accessories related to the World of vaping, are available – offering you the best products with excellent service

What is vapour?

Is it the same as smoke? There is a lot of confusion when we talk about Vaping. Some people think it is the same as smoking. However, that is not true at all. A vaping device contains a small heating device that turns the E-liquid or juice into a vapour. In contrast, Cigarettes contain tobacco instead of E-liquid or juice and when that tobacco burns, it creates smoke. In addition to the nicotine, thousands of chemicals are inhaled while smoking. On the other hand, Vaporizers or vape do have nicotine in them but not in all the devices. If you don't want nicotine, you can choose the ones without it. More importantly, vaporizers do not contain harmful chemicals, unlike cigarettes.


Healthier Option

Many smokers who want to get rid of the Addiction of smoking should buy a vapour. It is a much better option to use to give up the Habit of smoking. You can still get the dose of Nicotine by vaping while avoiding the harmful effects of tobacco. The smoke from cigarettes damages your lungs and causes poor circulation.  By switching to the use of a vaporizer, you will feel your breathing improve in a matter of days. Therefore, Vapour can be termed a Healthier alternative to smoking.


Abundance Of Flavours

When you Switch to vaping, there is a massive collection of e-juice and liquid flavours to experience.  You'll never have to bear the same tobacco flavour again.


Get Rid Of Nicotine

Furthermore, by using a vapour you can adjust the nicotine level according to your need. People who want to Get rid of nicotine gradually will find vaping to be a great tool. By decreasing the Nicotine level in your E-liquid or juice over time, you can Buy the e-liquids with Non-nicotine at all. So first you Get rid of smoking and then nicotine too. Isn't that great?


No Bad Odour

People who do not smoke or those who dislike secondhand smoke will have no issue with someone who is vaping as it doesn't have any harmful effects.  Additionally, the Smoke odour that gets onto your clothes or into your home can be irritating for people around you. The smell of Smoking cigarettes lasts, whereas Vaping is free of any bad odours.


Why Choose EasyPuff?

Our products are the best, and if you have any doubts, then go ahead and try a product. We guarantee your satisfaction. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or need any information relating to our products. Meanwhile, Vape lovers can continue to vape and to those who Haven't yet tried vaping, we look forward to seeing you vape as well.

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Vaping Products may contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance