4Steps Cartridge - Normal Tobacco
Normal Tobacco has a robust and flavourful real Tobacco taste, which is probably why so many people choose this Flavour as the place to start their journey. Tobacco is a well-loved flavour that goes with anything, making it a popular...
4Steps Cartridge - Western Blue
Western Blue Tobacco is a Smooth and flavourful Plain Tobacco, a comfortable Starting ground for those who just want a fine True tasting Tobacco flavour with no extras added in. For many Beginners Western Blue Tobacco is a great Starting...
4Steps 280mAh E-cigarette Battery
The 4Steps e-cigarette 280 mAh battery gives you a bigger battery for your 4Steps e-cigarette cartridges, providing more power for longer, which ultimately means less time between charges. The EasyPuff 280 Mah Battery is still small and sleek, retaining its...
4Steps E-cigarette Battery
The 4Steps e-cigarette battery is rechargeable and can last you for a few hours before it needs to be recharged. You can buy more than one at a time, so you will always have a battery charged up and ready...
4Steps Cartridge - Menthol
Menthol is one of the most commonly used and loved flavours of E-Cigarette users, because of its Fresh, Minty taste, it is often one that people who are weaning off cigarettes will choose because it is a subtle and refreshing...
4Steps Cartridge - Vanilla
4Steps Vanilla Cartridges are a warm, familiar and sweet vanilla flavour that many people enjoy for its classic, smooth taste. Vanilla is a universally used flavour due to its gentle flavour and aroma, and the neutrality of its simple flavour...
4Steps Cartridge - Outback Tobacco
Outback Tobacco is a Blend of the Finest tasting Tobacco, Rich in flavour and made to taste just like the best of the best, a flavour for those who are looking for a Strong Smooth Rich Tobacco flavour. Outback Tobacco...
4Steps USB E-cigarette Charger
4Steps USB Charger is the perfect companion for your 4Steps e-cigarette batteries, with this little handy addition you can turn any available USB port into a place to charge your device. Small and discrete, you can easily throw it in...
USB Wall Charger
his USB wall charger is compatible with all of your USB chargeable devices.
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