How to Redeem your Loyalty Points

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Make sure you are logged into your customer account.

On the home screen, you will find the loyalty button.

This is the one with a present on it.

Click the loyalty button and then click ways to redeem.

Click redeem and copy the code to paste into the coupon box found at checkout, or click apply code to have it automatically applied at checkout.

We will also email your coupon code to you.

Add your order as normal. Then checkout, and you will see your loyalty points taken off on the right side at checkout.

How much are my Loyalty points worth?

For every $1 you spend, you will receive 3 points. For every 63 points you have, you will receive $1 off your purchase.

Loyalty points can be used anytime during your purchase online, no matter how many points you have, or you can save them up to get bigger discounts.

The loyalty points will expire after 6 months.You can only use loyalty points in-store once you get to at least 315 points to redeem as a $5 voucher. These are also able to be saved to get bigger discounts.

You can also earn rewards points by referring a friend using the URL code found in the loyalty points button. This will give you and the friend you referred to a $10 voucher. This only applies if the friend is not a customer and signs up.