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The EasyPuff webpage on Referral Loyalty outlines a rewards program that incentivizes customers to refer friends through a unique referral URL. When a referred friend makes a purchase using a provided coupon code, both the referrer and the friend earn rewards. The page also offers parental advice on youth vaping, covering topics like starting conversations about vaping, explaining its risks, and strategies for resisting peer pressure. It emphasizes the importance of informed decision-making and overall well-being in the context of vaping.

  • Share and Earn, Instantly: Just completed your purchase? Fantastic! Now, take a moment to share your joy. With our instant sharing feature, you can tell your friends about your find right after checkout. It’s quick, easy, and rewarding!
  • Rewards for You and Your Friends: When you share, you care – and we reward that! For every friend who shops with us through your referral, we give you both a special thank-you gift. It's our way of saying we appreciate you spreading the word.
  • Seamless Sharing Experience: We know you’re busy, so we’ve made sharing as effortless as possible. You’ll find a personalized sharing link in your post-purchase confirmation. Just a click, and you’re all set to spread the word.
  • Track Your Success: Curious about how your referrals are doing? Log into your account to see how many of your friends have joined the [Your Brand] family thanks to you. Watch as your rewards grow with each successful referral.
  • Exclusive Deals for Newcomers: Your friends are our friends. With every referral link, they get access to exclusive offers on their first purchase. It's a win-win for everyone.

The Referral Flow

Your Customer Advocate (customer A) refers their friend (customer B) by sending them their referral URL.

When customer B clicks on the URL, they should see a prompt for them to enter their email address. When customer B enters their email address, the 'Friend' loyalty point will be sent to them via email. From the email, Customer B will be able to copy their coupon code and use it in an order:

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you deserve every bit of it. Referral points incentivize individuals to refer others, benefiting both the referrer and the referred. By accumulating points, users can unlock exclusive perks, discounts, or even receive monetary rewards for their successful referrals.


Parent Information

 How can I provide parental advice about youth vaping?

parental advice regarding youth vaping. It's important to address the issue of youth vaping because it poses various health risks and can lead to nicotine addiction. Here are some suggestions to help guide your child or teenager in making informed decisions:

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