Terms of service

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  • By ticking the terms and conditions box, you agree to be over the age of 18; if you purchase e-juice or cartomizers containing e-juice with or without nicotine, you have read the information page here.

Operations Policy

  • You can use this website and create orders on it 24/7.
  • Regarding any issue, clarification, support or for any other reason, should you wish to contact us, we will be available during the working hours from Monday to Friday.
  • We have enabled multiple payment methods for processing online monetary transactions. Each comes with a different processing fee, which can vary from 0 to 3.7%. You will be duly informed about the transaction fee during the payment process.
  • We aim to respond to all the queries, feedback, complaints, and other emails at the earliest. This usually takes us less than 12 hours.
  • We do our best to ship the product for which we receive orders within just 24 hours of receiving the payment for the order. If there is any delay due to a surprising number of requests, we will notify you by email.
  • If you cannot receive the package during office hours, schedule the delivery to your office. If you are not available for receiving the delivery, then any additional costs to reschedule the package delivery will be borne by you.
  • Every time you purchase on our website, you will receive an email notification appraising your purchase. Please keep the order details with you, including the transaction number. Using this number during your communications with us makes your interaction faster and smoother.
  • If we run out of stock because of unexpected reasons, then the shipping will be delayed. You are allowed to cancel your order during this time as long as your shipment has not left our premises.

Battery Disclaimer

  • By purchasing batteries from Global Innovations Ltd (EasyPuff Vape Store), you accept full responsibility for proper battery care and usage. Batteries can fail without warning. The user must know the risks of lithium batteries and should know how to care for them, charge and discharge them, and use them safely before using any device or mod. Never leave charging batteries unattended. Batteries may explode if mishandled. Global Innovations Ltd (EasyPuff Vape Store), its employees, and its authorized representatives will not be held liable or responsible for using/misusing lithium batteries, e-cigarette devices, or any battery chargers.