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Apple Pie E-liquid 30ml
Jerk Apple Pie Salts is a true Traditional style Apple Pie delight, so much like what Grandma used to make, it brings feelings of true nostalgia with every puff. Apple Pie e-liquid 30ml Bottle size: 30ml Chubby Bottle VG/PG ratio:...
Butterscotch E-liquid 30ml
Jerk Butterscotch Salts. This Butterscotch has to be among the best, most flavorful and true tasting Butterscotch flavours with its Creamy, Sugary traditional Butterscotch taste. If you love a good Creamy Dessert and are a fan of Rich, Smooth Butterscotch,...
Berry Cream E-liquid 30ml
Jerk Berry Cream Salts brings together the succulent Sweet Raspberries with a hint of delicious Strawberry to make a divine Berry Coulis, mixed with smooth Vanilla and Cream, all coming together to create an absolute treat for the taste buds....
Peach Rings E-liquid 30ml
Jerk Peach Ring salts is a flavour that Perfectly replicates the taste sensation of Sugar coated Peach Jelly Lollies, a taste so true, you can almost chew it. Peach Rings e-liquid 30ml Bottle size: 30ml Chubby Bottle VG/PG ratio: 50/50...
Banoffee E-liquid 30ml
Jerk Banoffee Salts. With a scrumptious Biscuit base covered in delicious, decadent Caramel glazed Bananas, you have found the perfect match if you want to lose yourself in a Flavour that is almost beyond words. Banoffee e-liquid 30ml Bottle size:...
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