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Zip Pay: Convenient, Flexible Payment Solutions


Interest-Free Installments

Buy Now, Pay LaterEnjoy the freedom to shop online and in-store with Zip's interest-free payment plan. Spread your purchase across four equal, interest-free payments over six weeks, making it easier to manage your finances while getting what you need right away.


Financial Flexibility and Convenience

Financial Flexibility and Convenience Zip provides unparalleled financial flexibility, allowing you to spread the cost of your purchases over four equal, interest-free payments across six weeks. This arrangement eases the burden on your monthly budget and allows you to better manage your finances. Whether you’re purchasing high-value items or dealing with unexpected expenses, Zip makes it easier to shop without financial stress.

Increased Purchasing Power

When you choose Zip, your purchasing power increases significantly. Without the need to pay the full price upfront, you can buy higher-value items or add more products to your cart. This feature is particularly advantageous during sales events or holidays, enabling you to maximize discounts and savings. Enjoy a richer shopping experience by accessing a broader range of products and services.


Customer support

Getting in touch with Zip is easy. Contact information is available on the website for general inquiries or support. This ensures that any issues or questions are handled promptly, maintaining high customer service standards.

We’ve teamed up with Zip so that you can pay the way that fits your budget. Select Zip at checkout to split your total purchase into 6 weekly instalments. Interest-free forever.

For further assistance or inquiries, please contact our support team: Phone: +64 7 925 0904
Email: Thank you for choosing Zip. We are here to help you manage your payments effectively.

When a payment fails, you'll receive an email notification. The payment is retried 24 hours later; if it fails again, a late fee is applied. Another fee follows if unpaid for seven days. For more details, visit our EasyPuff Payment FAQ.

EasyPuff FAQ

Through its convenient and flexible payment option, Zip has cemented its role in the modern shopping experience. Zip's services benefit both merchants and consumers, creating an enhanced retail environment. Because of its simplicity, customer-centric approach, and dedication to service, Zip has become the preferred choice in New Zealand and beyond.

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