Pod Vaping Systems

Pod vaping systems

Without a doubt, Pod systems are some of the Most popular vaping systems on the market in 2021. They’re among the smallest, most stylish and most Discreet vaping systems anywhere – and although Pod devices may be small, they don’t compromise at all when it comes to satisfaction. That’s because pod systems are designed to use High-potency nicotine salt e-liquid.

Best pod starter kits

Nicotine salt e-liquid is one of the most exciting things to hit the Vaping industry in years. It has a more neutral pH than standard e-liquid, and that allows it to remain completely smooth even at very High nicotine strengths. For the first time, Nicotine salt e-liquid makes it possible for the Smallest vaping devices to be just as Satisfying as tobacco cigarettes – and that’s why so many people these days are using Pod systems.

There are many different styles of pods, read up some more if you're unsure. We wrote this article as a guide to put you on the right track! The Pros and Cons of Pod vaping systems.

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  1. Moti Starter Kit
    As low as NZ$29.95
  2. Smok - Nord 2 Pod Kit
    As low as NZ$54.99
  3. Smok - Nord 4 Pod Kit
    As low as NZ$59.99
  4. alt. Pod Vape Kit
    As low as NZ$39.99
  5. Vuse - ePod 2
    As low as NZ$9.99
    Smok - Nord X Pod Kit
    As low as NZ$79.99
  6. Uwell - Koko Prime Kit
    As low as NZ$49.99
  7. Smok - Novo X Kit
    As low as NZ$44.99
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Vaping Products may contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance