A Look Back and Forward: Vaping Regulation in Australia's Path

A Look Back and Forward: Vaping Regulation in Australia's Path

The Early Stages of Regulation

As we wrap up this exploration of vaping regulation in Australia, the ACCC's 2016 action against two e-cigarette retailers for false safety representations serves as a poignant reminder of the regulatory challenges that have long existed within the vaping industry. As a result, the ACCC has stressed the need for scientific evidence to substantiate health claims made by vaping companies, underscoring concerns about vaping safety and regulation.

The Present Struggle: Navigating a Ban and Its Repercussions

Under the guise of protecting public health, the recent ban on personal imports of liquid nicotine abruptly ended the 14-year supply of vaping products to Australian consumers. Australians who have relied on vaping as a replacement for traditional cigarettes have been devastated by this drastic measure. As a result of the ban, enacted without adequate consultation, there has been significant backlash, including within the Morrison government. Twenty-eight Coalition MPs have openly condemned the decision, highlighting the severe consequences it brings to vapers and the potential backlash against smoking.

Regulation's Unintended Consequences

By introducing unregulated and potentially harmful products, the regulatory measures intended to curb vaping have actually led to a burgeoning black market, further endangering public health. As advocates for responsible reform that recognizes vaping's potential as a harm reduction tool, groups such as Responsible Vaping Australia and Legalise Vaping Australia have raised concerns about these regulations' counterproductive nature. Increasing misinformation and hasty policy decisions have exacerbated the problem, requiring more informed and balanced regulation.

The Critical Need for Accurate Information and Responsible Marketing

Following the ACCC's 2016 action and ongoing regulatory challenges, the vaping industry needs accurate information and responsible marketing. In order to navigate Australia's complex vaping regulatory landscape, all stakeholders must engage in evidence-based discussions and take the potential benefits as well as the risks associated with vaping into consideration. It is important to develop policies that protect public health without unnecessarily restricting consumer choice.


The journey of vaping regulation in Australia reflects a complex interplay between public health goals, regulatory measures, and industry practices. The intention behind stringent regulations is to protect public health, but the execution and unforeseen consequences highlight the need for a more nuanced approach. We should keep our focus on finding a balanced path that integrates scientific evidence, prioritizes public health, and acknowledges vaping's role in harm reduction as the debate continues. It is imperative that Australians and others learn from the past 14 years of vaping experience and the current regulatory landscape as they navigate the future of vaping.

Get involved with Legalise Vaping Australia and help advocate for change. For more information or support, please contact us at or by calling 1800 288 829. When it comes to advocating for more informed and balanced vaping regulations, your voice can make a difference.

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