I Can’t Taste My E-Liquid! Do I Have Vaper’s Tongue?

I Can’t Taste My E-Liquid! Do I Have Vaper’s Tongue?

I Can’t Taste My E-Liquid! Do I Have Vaper’s Tongue?

Have you ever shopped for perfume? If so, you may have noticed that after testing a few different scents in quick succession, you can't smell anything. Once you have smelled several perfumes with certain scent notes in common, they all start to smell the same. That is the result of olfactory fatigue; your neurons become overloaded, and they begin to give up. Coffee grounds have a very strong scent, but one that's very different from the scent of perfume, so perfume sellers sometimes keep them available for people to smell between perfumes. By smelling coffee grounds, your brain can reset itself.

Vapers can experience an olfactory fatigue similar to what you can experience when you shop for perfume, which is why all of that matters. It is possible to suddenly find that you can't taste all of the flavour notes in your favorite e-liquid - or you may try several different e-liquids in a row and they all taste the same. It might be because you have vaper's tongue if you can't taste your e-liquid. If you're bothered by vaper's tongue, there are a few things you can do to fix it more quickly. If you're bothered by it, however, there are some things you can do to resolve it quicker.

What Is Vaper’s Tongue?

Chick with her vaper tounge

Vaper’s tongue is olfactory fatigue. If you have vaper’s tongue, you won’t be able to taste the subtle flavors of e-liquids, no matter which e-liquid you try. It’s similar to what can happen when you shop for perfume, as we’ve described above. Eventually, you will have to add more and more spices, or you will stop feeling the heat, just like when you eat too many spicy foods.

It is not enough to just add more flavour to compensate for the lack of olfactory sensitivity when you start losing the ability to taste your e-liquid. Instead, give your fatigued palate a break. We'll explain in a moment how to do that. Let's talk about two things that seem like vaper's tongue, but aren't.

What Isn’t Vaper’s Tongue?

The two most common problems that can affect your ability to taste your e-liquid but aren't vaper's tongue should be understood before you start worrying about your palate.

Vapers Do Not Fear Flavour Ghosting: Flavour ghosting occurs when you use a different e-liquid than the one you have been using without changing the coil and cleaning the tank between flavour changes. When you fill your tank with fresh flavour, even a trace of the previous e-liquid remains, so you may taste a bit of the old flavour until you've filled it several times with the original flavour. Flavour ghosting is the phenomenon at play here.

You’ll have trouble tasting the nuances of the new e-liquid flavour until you’ve removed all traces of the old flavour. When you vape, you might not be able to taste much of anything if you use different e-liquid flavours every time you refill your tank, since the remnants of several different flavours are intermingling. Clean your tank when you change e-liquid flavors to prevent flavour ghosting.

Vaper's Tongue Isn't Coil Gunk: Coil gunk is the black or brown residue you see on your vape coil when you use e-liquids that have been heavily sweetened with sucralose. Coil gunk tastes like burnt sugar, and it becomes so overwhelming that it becomes hard to taste anything else once it has built up to the point where it actually burns when you vape. To prevent the burnt flavour from overwhelming the flavour of your e-liquid, you should replace your coils frequently if you like sweet e-liquids.

How to Fix Vaper’s Tongue

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You may have vaper's tongue if you are having trouble tasting your e-liquid - and the problem isn't flavour ghosting or coil gunk. There are three simple cures for vaper's tongue. But it is important to remember you will need to give it some time. You may not be able to taste your e-liquid normally for a few days.

If you suffer from vaper's tongue, you may be able to resolve your olfactory fatigue by using a palate cleanser. You may also be experiencing poor hydration, which is contributing to your lack of taste. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine absorb and trap water, so you should always drink more when vaping. If you're using a sweetened e-liquid, the sucralose will leave a coating on your tongue, making the e-liquid difficult to taste. To solve this problem, try these palate cleansers:

- Plain or carbonated water

- Black coffee

- Unsweetened tea

- Lemons or lemon juice

- Mint or parsley leaves

- Pickled ginger

Choose One E-Liquid and Stick With It: Some people experience vaper's tongue when they change e-liquid flavours constantly and eventually lose the ability to taste any of them. If you store the different e-liquids in separate tanks or pods to eliminate flavour ghosting concerns, this can still happen. You're experiencing palate fatigue, which can occur when you shop for perfume. To cure your vaper's tongue, try sticking with just one flavour until your palate regains its normal sensitivity. If that doesn't work, we'll discuss another more extreme solution.

It might be necessary to use the vaper's version of a palate cleanser if you cannot resolve your vaper's tongue with traditional palate cleaners. If your normal e-liquid is so strongly flavoured that your palate needs a break, try switching to an unflavoured e-liquid or one with just menthol as its flavouring agent for a short time. In spite of the fact that it may seem boring to use an unflavoured e-liquid, it will only last for a short time before you regain your taste buds. You can also cleanse your palate and save a bit of money by using unflavoured e-liquid - which is often very affordable.

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