A new restriction will prevent retailers from opening within 300 meters of schools starting in November, prohibiting disposable vapes.

A new restriction will prevent retailers from opening within 300 meters of schools starting in November, prohibiting disposable vapes.

To discourage young people from vaping and make it less appealing, the Government is introducing a range of measures. These measures are being implemented to reduce the appeal and accessibility of vaping among young New Zealanders.

However, Dr. Ayesha Verrall is confident that vaping plays a crucial role in New Zealand's efforts to achieve the Smokefree 2025 goal. Vaping products help individuals quit smoking, so she defends the decision not to restrict access to them.

The implemented measures include a ban on disposable and reusable vapes within the next year, allowing manufacturers and importers a lead-in time to adjust. As of November, disposable vaporizers will be banned, while reusable vaporizers will be banned as of March.

Disposable or single-use vape products could not be sold from November

An Ash survey conducted in 2022 found that approximately 10.1 percent of students reported vaping daily. It has more than tripled since 2019 from 9.6 percent in 2021.

Data from the Ministry of Health published by the Herald in January of last year shows that one out of four New Zealand schools are within one kilometer of a vape store. In addition, there were 77 schools within 250 meters of a vape store.

Dr. Ayesha Verrall, speaking alongside Prime Minister Chris Hipkins at a post-Cabinet press conference, acknowledged the concerning prevalence of vaping among young people. For those genuinely looking to quit smoking, she advocated preventative measures as well as access to vapes as a cessation tool.

Continuing the protections started by the Labour government in 2020, the new regulations prohibit the sale of vape to individuals under the age of 18 and ban vape advertising and sponsorship.

cracking down on disposable vapes


Achieving a balance between preventing youth from vaping 

Achieving a balance between preventing youth from vaping and ensuring access to vapes as a cessation tool is a key focus for the New Zealand government. Keeping these two objectives in mind has been emphasized by the Health Minister when fighting smoking.

In addition to a ban on sales to under-18s and a prohibition of vape advertising and sponsorship, new regulations build on those introduced by the Labour Government in 2020. Vaping among young people is expected to be further curtailed by these regulations.

In an interview with the media, the Health Minister acknowledged that vaping has played a significant role in reducing the number of smokers in New Zealand. It has been reported that 56,000 fewer smokers have walked away from the habit over the past year, a remarkable decline over the past decade.

As a result of these developments, the government has proven its commitment to curtailing youth vaping while recognizing the benefits of vaping in terms of smoking cessation. Keeping this delicate balance is essential to New Zealand's progress towards smoke-free living.

In a recent article published by News Hub, it has been revealed that vaping enthusiasts who enjoy flavours like Strawberry Parfait or Killer Kustard are in for some disappointment. The government has taken a strict stance on enticing vape flavours, and as a result, the sale of disposable, single-use vaping devices will no longer be permitted.

These flavours not only look delicious but their names also evoke a sense of culinary delight. However, the government aims to outlaw excessively tempting vape flavours, recognizing the potential impact they may have on attracting individuals to vaping.

enticing vape flavours


 Vaping and Youth Access in New Zealand: FAQs

Q: When it comes to vaping and youth access, what is the New Zealand government's focus?

A: As a cessation tool, vapes are being made more readily available to youth as part of the government's efforts to prevent youth from vaping.

Q: In response to youth vaping, what measures has the government taken?

A: To curtail vaping among young people, the government has banned sales to under-18s, banned advertising and sponsorship, and introduced new regulations.

Q: How has vaping contributed to New Zealand's smoking reduction?

The use of vaping has decreased New Zealanders' smoking rates. There have been 56,000 fewer smokers quitting in the past year, resulting in a remarkable decline over the past decade.

Q: Does the government have an opinion about enticing flavours for vapes?

Vape flavours that are excessively tempting are being outlawed by the government as part of its anti-enticing policy. There will be a ban on flavors such as Strawberry Parfait and Killer Kustard.

Q: Why is the government regulating vape flavours?

A: The government recognizes the potential impact enticing vape flavours may have on attracting vapers, especially young people. They aim to discourage such flavours to address youth vaping.

Q: What types of vaping devices will be banned?

A: The sale of disposable, single-use vaping devices will no longer be permitted under the revised regulations.

Q: How does the government ensure a delicate balance between curbing youth vaping and promoting vaping as a smoking cessation tool?

A: The government emphasizes the importance of a balance between these two objectives. They acknowledge the benefits of vaping for smoking cessation while implementing measures to restrict youth access and regulate enticing flavours. This approach reflects their commitment to smoke-free living in New Zealand.

Please note that the above information is based on the information provided and may not reflect the latest developments. It is always advisable to refer to official sources and updated government regulations for the most accurate and current information.

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