Auckland's Bold Move to Ban Vape Displays: A Step Forward in Youth Health

Auckland's Bold Move to Ban Vape Displays: A Step Forward in Youth Health

Health advocates and community leaders have overwhelmingly supported Auckland Council's initiative to prohibit the display of vape products in storefronts, an unprecedented step. Underscoring the potential impact that this bylaw might have on curbing youth vaping, this article examines its implications.


There has been an increase in the visibility of vaping products in storefronts, especially in areas such as Maungakiekie and Tāmaki. Observing brightly lit vape stores showcasing their products prominently has been one of the driving forces behind this initiative. Using the proposed bylaw, the display of vape products will be aligned with other R18 restricted items, advocating for a less public and more discreet display.

Youth vaping epidemic:

Here is the image representing Councillor Josephine Bartley, depicted as a determined and focused individual, presenting the bylaw to ban vape displays.

This action is hailed by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation New Zealand as an important step in combating youth vaping. There has been an alarming increase in the number of students suspended from schools for vaping between 2020 and 2023, which highlights the urgency of this issue. Vaping products are increasingly easy to access and visible, contributing to the trend.

Expert opinion:

Athma and Respiratory Foundation CEO Letitia Harding emphasizes the importance of reducing vape visibility to mitigate youth allure. There is no doubt that product visibility contributes to usage, and this bylaw could help reduce vaping's appeal to young people.

Health Concerns:

Even though vaping is often considered a lesser evil than smoking, there are still health risks associated with it, especially for young people. In migrant and refugee communities where awareness might be lower, vaping is a risky habit among the younger demographic.

Here is the image symbolising the target demographic affected by the vape display ban in Auckland. It shows a diverse group of youths, representing the impact of the bylaw on their health and well-being.

Community impact:

Auckland Council's initiative has set a precedent for other regions facing similar challenges. In response to the community's demand for action against the increasing visibility of vaping products, the Council, led by Bartley, has taken a proactive stance. There is more to this than just regulation; it is about safeguarding the health and well-being of young people.

Youth Perspective:

A social aspect of vaping among youth is discussed by Vira Paky, co-chairperson of Auckland Council's Youth Advisory Board. It aims to reduce the visibility of these products in the minds of young people by minimizing their visibility. Paky's insights stress the need for broader education on the health risks associated with vaping, particularly for youths from refugee or migrant backgrounds.

Public Consultation Process:

The proposed bylaw will be subject to public consultation as part of Auckland Council's commitment to community involvement in decision-making. As a result, Auckland's residents' voices will be heard and considered, ensuring that the bylaw is not merely a top-down imposition, but a collective agreement for the benefit of all.


Taking action to address the youth vaping epidemic is commendable with Auckland Council's proposed bylaw banning the display of vape products in storefronts. This commitment reflects a broader concern for public health and future generations. In terms of youth health advocacy, Auckland could become a pioneer if this initiative is successful, setting an example for other regions facing similar challenges.

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