New Regulations on Youth Vaping and Smoked Tobacco

New Regulations on Youth Vaping and Smoked Tobacco

Advancing Towards a Smoke-Free Future

Aotearoa New Zealand's efforts to combat youth vaping and pave the way for a smoke-free future have taken a huge step forward with new regulations governing both vaping and smoking.

New Vaping Regulations

Among the key provisions of the new vaping regulations are:

  1. Specialist Vape Retailers (SVR): To reduce youth exposure to vaping, these stores should now stay at least 300 meters away from schools and maraes.

  2. Flavour Descriptions: Young users lack the allure of specific flavours due to the requirement that products and packaging use only generic descriptions.

  3. Nicotine Strength: The maximum nicotine strength in single-use (disposable) vapes has been capped at 20mg/mL, a measure intended to curb addiction among youth and non-smokers.

  4. Product Safety: All vaping products feature removable batteries and child-safety mechanisms, bolstering safety standards and safeguarding our youth's well-being.

On the Ministry of Health's website, you can find a comprehensive timeline outlining the phased implementation of these vaping regulations.

A health promotion program called Protect Your Breath (PYB)

Protect Your Breath (PYB) health promotion program is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Health, Te Whatu Ora, and Te Aka Whai Ora. Aimed at empowering young people to embrace vape-free lifestyles, PYB launched late last year on social media platforms and youth-centric channelsr. In July, an online mindfulness series for young adults was launched, as well as Later Vaper Arcade, an interactive platform designed to challenge and reshape young people's perceptions of vaping.

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