Disposable vape devices inspire art action to reduce waste

Disposable vape devices inspire art action to reduce waste

Vaping hardware poses recycling and disposal challenges. This waste problem is highlighted in an art display that incorporates vaping hardware.

Instead of throwing out its imperfect vape devices, an organisation that manufactures vape devices gave its unusable stock to organisers of an innovative upcycling project. An art exhibit was created by the pen-shaped hardware, which was a foundation for an exhibition of people and organisations keen to reduce waste in the vaping industry. Single-use vapes are often viewed as disposable, but most places lack a responsible disposal system for vapes.

Disposable Vapes cant really be recycled!

Yennie Zhou created a 10-foot tree with 4,000 vape tree

They are not recyclable. Some of the waste from vaping devices is not even suitable for regular trash. About a dozen artists took part in the project, which required each piece to incorporate vaping devices. Jupiter Research, a company that designs and manufactures vaping hardware, provided the 45,000 unused manufacturing rejects for the project. "Carts for the Arts" is on display at UpcyclePop in Sacramento in February. You can also view it online. There are 20 pieces in the exhibit, including:

  • In the online exhibit, Martha Jones quotes: "Use what's here. Lessen the footprint." about recycling in her flapper dress, which is made of about 1,000 vapes.
  • Yennie Zhou created a 10-foot tree with 4,000 single-use vape pens and LED lights
  • From artist Brittany Estep, Stella the Sea Turtle
  • Music-activated Bluetooth speaker from JP Odbert features coloured lights
  • A chandelier that features 90 vape cartridges from Clinton Petrino

Shira Lane, founder and CEO of The Atrium, a nonprofit organisation promoting innovation for sustainability, stated that the exhibit was designed to raise awareness of the massive waste generated by the cannabis industry and how we can and should act now. Sourced from: author credit to Patti Roth Good to see vape products being recycled in other countries.

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