What is a Vape Coil?

What is a Vape Coil?
E-liquid Vaporisation and Vape Coil Types

E-liquid is vaporised by an atomizer, or vape coil. An atomiser is just a heating element that heats up e-liquid and produces a mist. A higher resistance vape coil requires less power to vaporise the same amount of e-liquid. Vape coil resistance is measured in Ohms.

A vape coil can be made from a variety of materials with high resistance, such as nickel, stainless steel, titanium, kanthal, and others. Atomisers are commonly used to refer to both the vape coil and the device that contains it. They fall into two main categories and each one has a different design. Let's look at them one by one.

Coils that are pre-made for vaping

A breckdown of a vape coil

Vape coils that are pre-made are designed to go with certain mods and are the simplest type of vape coils. They are easy to make and are ready for use right away with a vape mod. However, they aren't versatile. In the manual that comes with some mods, it usually mentions whether their vape coils can be fitted to them. Generally, coils have a fixed resistance. If you vape at a low wattage, you will need a coil with a higher resistance. A coil with a lower resistance requires more power, but it produces much more vapour.

Pre-made vape coils are a great deal easier to use, and they deliver consistent results, which is why they are so popular. In the short run, these are less expensive, but are more expensive since they usually only last about a week and cannot be rewicked. Therefore, you must purchase a new one every few days.

Rebuildable Vape Coils

RDA Rebuildable with cotton in atomizer shot

There is no better vaping experience than using a rebuildable vape coil. Beginners are not recommended to make one because it isn't easy to do. Users can create coils tailored to their specific needs, replace the wicker as many times as desired, and reuse the atomizer as often as desired. Although the initial costs are higher, the long-term costs are much lower. Below is a brief overview of the different types of rebuildable vape coils.


The easiest way to rebuild a vape coil is with an RDA. With these atomisers, e-liquids are vaporised off of a simple coil to produce copious amounts of vapour. Their flavours are also intense.


E-liquids are supplied to the coil by a pressurised tank system in rebuildable tank atomisers. Depending on the user's vapour requirements, the coil must be built.

E-liquid Vaporization and Vape Coil Types

The process of vaping involves vaporising e-liquid using an atomizer or vape coil, which acts as a heating element. The vape coil's resistance, measured in Ohms, plays a crucial role in determining the amount of power required to vaporise the e-liquid effectively. Different materials, such as nickel, stainless steel, titanium, and kanthal, can be used to create vape coils with varying resistances.

Pre-Made Vape Coils

Pre-made vape coils are designed to fit specific vape mods, making them the easiest to use. They produce consistent results and are ready to use right away. However, their fixed resistance limits their versatility. Lower resistance coils consume more power but produce more vapour, while high resistance coils consume less power but produce less vapour. Users prefer pre-made vape coils because of their convenience. They are cost-effective in the short run, but since they only last about a week and cannot be rewicked, they can become more costly over time.

Rebuildable Coils

Rebuildable coils offer an unparalleled vaping experience, providing customization and cost-effectiveness. They are not suitable for beginners due to their complexity, but experienced vapers can benefit greatly from these coils.

RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers)

image of RDA Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers in a group

RTA atomizers use a pressurised tank to supply e-liquids to the coil, allowing users to build coils to suit their tastes.

Different acronyms such as RTA, RDTA, etc., represent slight variations of RDAs and RTAs. They all use rebuildable coils and differ in their operational characteristics.

While rebuilding vape coils requires skill and expertise, experienced vapers can achieve extraordinary vapour production and intense flavour profiles with customised vapour production. In the long run, rebuildable coils offer cost savings since they can be reused and replaced with new wicks as needed. The enhanced vaping experience makes it worthwhile for many enthusiasts, even though maintenance and construction are more challenging.

The vaping experience is greatly influenced by coils, and users can choose between pre-made coils for ease of use or rebuildable coils for customization and long-term cost-effectiveness. For a satisfying vaping journey, understanding the role of vape coils is crucial

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